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Job Creation and Economic Development

Economic Development

 When the Oregon Lottery was established in 1984, the state was in dire need of an economic jump-start. Oregonians needed solutions, so they authorized Lottery profits to help fund economic development. Today, 27% of Lottery funds are allocated for job creation and economic development, providing assistance for a variety of Oregon’s industries such as: manufacturing, high-tech, agriculture, fisheries, solar, medical, tourism, as well as small businesses. Lottery dollars play a vital role in helping support thousands of projects across the state that keep Oregon the place we all want to live, work and play.

The Oregon Lottery – when you play it does good things.

30 Years of Doing Good Things

Good things by county

See how the Oregon Lottery helped your county during 2011 through 2013.

Fish People

Fish People

Lottery funded projects keep Oregon the place we all want to live, work and play.

Betty Lou's

Betty Lou's

Creating jobs by making healthy snacks.